Thermal projection created on table top

A developer has created a heat sensitive table top through thermal projection by the simple integration of an iPhone peripheral and a projector. By feeding the data from FLIR ONE – a product that turns iPhone cameras into thermal imaging cameras – into a projector, the unique method of thermal projection has been created.

This isn’t the first time projection mapping and dining has been combined, such as the Sublimotion restaurant in Ibiza that InAVate reported on last year. But while Sublimotion is said to be one of the most expensive dining experiences in the world, the thermal projection mapped table top was simple and affordable to create.

Developer Kawamoto Ken used FLIR’s software development kit to stream raw data from the FLIR ONE over the network to a computer and a projector. This allowed 2D heat profiles to be visualised almost in real time.

With a little polishing this creation could find its way into all sorts of applications from colourful dining experiences to more practical systems in workplaces where the correct operational temperature of components are critical.