The Unworking Conference to explore smart technologies and the workplace experience

The Unworking Conference to explore smart technologies and the workplace experience
Worktech, the event series looking at the evolving world of work, has announced the return of The Unworking Conference in London.

The Unworking Conference takes place in London on Tuesday 4 June and Wednesday 5 June at Meta, Kings Cross and The Ministry, Borough.

Unworking is an intention first proposed by Philip Ross (futurist, commentator, and the entrepreneur behind Ungroup and Cordless Consulting) and Jeremy Myserson (design writer and Professor Emeritus at the Royal College of Art), in their book Unworking – The Reinvention of the Modern Office published in 2022.

Delegates at the London conference will delve into a manifesto for 'unworking', shedding old practices, embracing innovative approaches to work, and exploring in-depth the potential of smart technologies and workplace experience.


Key topics on the Smart Technologies conference agenda (4 June at Meta) include the evolution of smart buildings and technologies, the transformative impact of emerging digital technologies on work dynamics, and strategies for fostering smart and sustainable workplace environments.

Pivotal themes for discussion at Workplace Experience (5 June at The Ministry, Borough) include human-centred excellence, purpose-driven productivity, connecting for success, a people-first approach and elevating employee experience.

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Highlights include:

WORKPLACE TECHNOLOGIES Tuesday 4 June at Meta Kings Cross

Julia Hobsbawm, award-winning writer, and broadcaster delivering a keynote inspired by her latest book, Working Assumptions – a rapid response to the seismic changes affecting working life. Julia will address the threat to white collar workers from generative AI; productivity and the universal upheaval on jobs and acting human when approaching workplace wellbeing.

Jessica Schmidt, associate director, markets and business development and Claus Christensen, head of workplace experience and advanced analytics at EY will disclose EY Nordic’s experience driving a new era of workplace by catalysing innovative technology solutions driven by the transformative power of AI. 

Rob Garlick, MD, Citi Global Insight will explore the interplay between technology and workforce unpicking questions including: What new risks could AI create for disharmony in the future of work; and how can we cultivate a harmonious co-existence between AI and human capital?

Robert Cookson, VP real estate and dacilities, Americas, EMEA and APAC, Meta speaking about Meta’s approach to real estate and digital integration at their office in Kings Cross.

WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE Wednesday 5 June at The Ministry, Borough

Sanj Surati, digital atelier, Tiger Heart will explore how technology can spark inspiration and equip you with the mindset to reach your full potential.

Mike Petrusky, host of the Workplace Innovators podcast, in an exclusive interview with Lohan Presencer, Chairman of Ministry of Sound Group. The pair will discuss The Ministry’s vision for the workplace of the future with Presencer outlining an ambitious concept which fuses community, workspace, and social hub.

Our expert panel featuring Darren Graver, head of workplace experience, trainline and Barrie Hottinger, director, future of work, Mastercard will explore innovative solutions for hybrid work models including adaptable layouts, flexible furniture and advanced technology infrastructures that seamlessly integrate remote and in-person collaboration.           

Jeff Dewing, best-selling author, and Top 50 Workplace Leader, will deliver a keynote about leadership and workplace culture in which he unpacks what ingredients are required to embody authentic values, and build a dynamic shared culture in which everyone flourishes. 


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