The Catholic University of Lille adopts Sennheiser MobileConnect

The Catholic University of Lille adopts Sennheiser MobileConnect
Sennheiser MobileConnect assisted listening technology has been selected for inclusion in all amphitheaters and classrooms for more than 50 people at the faculties of the catholic university of Lille in France.

'The "Programmed Accessibility Agenda' project of the Faculties at the Catholic University of Lille required a contemporary approach to assisted listening. The specifications, therefore, required a solution that was user-friendly, hygienic and easily scalable for a centralised hardware system.

The solution proposed by Sennheiser was a BYOD concept. The audio stream is sent directly to the students' personal smartphones, making it accessible and intuitive to use. People with hearing loss do not have to ask for a specific receiver device and can settle anywhere the faculty's WiFi is available.

As a centralised solution for assisted listening, the 20 MobileConnect stations are located in the server room and span several buildings. This streaming system with hearing assistance delivers high-definition sound to the student's smartphone, thus transforming it into an audio receiver. MobileConnect converts a speaker's microphone signals into audio streams that can be easily accessed via the campus Wi-Fi system. Therefore, students wearing hearing aids, cochlear implants or headphones can comfortably follow the lectures, with barely noticeable latency.

Students can use their own smartphones to access the audio stream. There is no need to distribute and clean rental devices for assisted listening, which minimises health risks.

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