Texas Instruments showcases portable projection

Texas Instruments showcased the latest products sporting its DLP technology and Pico chipsets at an event in London this week.

Medical, industrial and automotive applications powered by DLP were explained by TI’s staff at St Martin’s Lane Hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They included the next generation of automotive technology; a dashboard display powered by rear projection. It seamlessly blends traditional Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) - such as physical switches and knobs - with the benefits of ‘touchscreen’ style interactivity for other controls. A major advantage of using TI’s advanced interactive display was highlighted by the display’s curved design which follow the contours of the dashboard.

Kent Novak, senior VP of TI’s DLP division, said the technology had significant potential applications in retail display with all kinds of shapes and aesthetic displays possible.

Other applications using DLP technology include Christie Medical’s Veinviewer, 3D scanning, 3D printing and the design of spectrometers to recognise and characterise physical materials.

One of the biggest growth potentials lies in the company’s smallest offering – the miniature Pico chipset for use in portable projection devices. The technology has found its way into cameras, tablets, mini battery powered projectors, phones and wearable devices such as watches. The company expects 100% growth for Pico this year and a major product announcement in regard to a wearable product sporting the technology is said to be expected in the coming weeks.

Novak said he saw the three big emerging trends in AV to be the use of 3D in education, interactivity in emerging markets and solid state illumination.