Teracue and eyevis announce interoperability between systems

Teracue eyevis’s live streaming systems are now fully interoperable with the eyevis eyeCON MetaWall 2.0 product line.

Multiple live and recorded-playout streams can now be shown directly on eyevis’ IP-based EPU-LCD displays; either on single LCD displays (currently max 8 HD / 16 SD signals) or on a large video wall (one image over multiple displays), when combining numerous LCDs together as a MetaWall. Each eyevis EPU-LCD display with an integrated and fully internal eyeProcessing unit (EPU), performs its own IP-video stream processing and high-performance decoding.

Wolfgang Schmiegelt, CEO of Teracue eyevis, said: “A power plug and an IP-cable is all you need to drive the eyevis LCD displays or LED video walls now.

“Yet, the real benefit of standard IP-based in-house signal distribution is the fact that you can extend the video and IPTV system to any location and into any video application on the network. The same signals that are used on the video wall can be accessed on standard office desktop computers, can be used in digital signage displays, may also be viewed on meeting room TVs, and can be presented in conference rooms for large scale projection – all at the same time.”