Temasek Polytechnic uses Extron AV and Teams to create hybrid classrooms

Temasek Polytechnic uses Extron AV and Teams to create hybrid classrooms
Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore has used Extron AV kit and Microsoft Teams to create hybrid classrooms.

Established in 1990, Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Singapore. In the wake of Covid-19, TP adopted bybrid learning, allowing students to attend lessons in-person, remotely, and on-demand.

TP engaged Digiworz for AV system design and integration services to accomplish AV system HyFlex makeovers in ten learning spaces. Digiworz used the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core for Microsoft Teams Rooms UC engine for for connectivity between the hybrid rooms and remote students.

Extron was selected to supply AV switching, distribution, control, and audio equipment.

The hybrid rooms are equipped with an 86-in touchscreen interactive flat panel display that serves as a whiteboard, plus a standard flat panel 86-in secondary display, and a 65-in confidence monitor.

An MGP 641 creates multi-window layouts to display up to four video sources on in-room and far-end screens. The multi-window content can include lecture content, images from in-room PTZ cameras, and images from remote students’ webcams.

Ceiling mounted beamforming microphones capture voices of lecturers and students, providing audio to the UC engine to send to remote students and also for aiming PTZ cameras at those speaking. A DMP Plus audio DSP processor performs audio echo cancellation. Room occupants hear sound through eight SoundField ceiling speakers driven by an XPA amplifier. An IPCP Pro control processor integrates with the ThinkSmart UC engine via LinkLicense for user interfaces to perform room AV control.

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