Televic Conference enters southern hemisphere with Bramshaw deal

Televic Conference has signed a distribution agreement with Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications for Australia and New Zealand.

Bramshaw ICS Conference Communications is Televic’s first partner in Australia and New Zealand. Simon Kemp, CEO of Bramshaw sees great potential to enter the installation and rental market with Televic.

A first system of 24 Confidea Wireless units has already been installed in the board rooms of a major Australian auditing & accounting company.

Simon Kemp, CEO of Bramshaw states: “The installation contractor, the largest in Australia, was impressed by the quality and ease of installation of the Confidea system. ‘It just worked straight out of the box’, an engineer stated, and that as soon as he saw the battery chargers and the microphones he knew he was dealing with a quality company. Subsequently the installation contractors had to rent the Confidea system for an emergency meeting of very high profile clients and they were delighted that such a high calibre system of 30 microphones could be set up and tuned for a room in just twenty minutes. At Bramshaw we are not only impressed with the quality and pricing of the equipment but also with the professional competence shown by Televic Conference staff and marketing.”