TDC provides video expertise for Vivid Sydney 2015

TDC provides video expertise for Vivid Sydney 2015
Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and art that is owned and managed by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s Tourism and Major Events agency. Technical Direction Company (TDC) returned to provide video expertise in projection mapping and LED video wall technology as the 18-day festival expanded into new Chatswood and Central Park precincts in Sydney for the 2015 iteration.

TDC supplied a video package including 7mm LED video wall displays, six Barco projectors and Catalyst media servers for the breath-taking performances of three headline acts at Vivid Live, part of Vivid Sydney at Sydney Opera House.

TDC also handled video projection onto the southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, projection of art on various façades as well as a 30m arched tunnel. For the video projection on the façade of Custom House, TDC partnered with experiential agency Spinifex Group. For all the projection mapping installations, TDC supplied the projectors and media servers required.

Olin Winton, technical manager at TDC, said regarding the challenges faced while handling the project: “From a technology perspective it’s large in terms of the equipment required across several sites. Vivid Sydney required careful planning by skilled staff including design and mappings of the buildings to enable artists and designers to plan their animations.”

Anthony Pellizzari, technical project manager for this year’s festival at TDC, said: “This year TDC delivered over 70 high-resolution projectors, four types of media servers as well as technical infrastructure including two automation platforms, each with custom hardware and electronics to power the video projections. We had some additional challenges this year, with crane lifts, street closures for installs and six new sites to manage and it was great working with the highly experienced team at Destination NSW to help roll this out.”

Steve Cain, head technician and media specialist at TDC, added: “As well as site specific challenges, TDC had to overcome reflective surfaces such as glass from other buildings or water. It was a challenge to converge multiple projectors onto curved roofs, perform colour correction onto dark bricks and colour balancing of multiple projector models to match these evenly. Seeing the final result with people interacting with projections was really rewarding - something that we’re very proud of.”