Tannoy and Lab.gruppen deliver sound for Shri Ram School auditorium

Tannoy and Lab.gruppen deliver sound for Shri Ram School auditorium
Shri Ram School in Gurgaon, Delhi, India has chosen Tannoy and Lab.gruppen products for sound reinforcement at its redesigned auditorium. The upgrade was undertaken as the old audio system had been installed around a decade ago. The project and installation was handled by integrator AV Science and Technologies.

Malik from the integrator said: “We were invited by the school to carry out a site survey, and put together an integrated A/V solution for this auditorium. The school briefed us about their requirement for live sound, presentations, seminars, lectures, competitions and annual functions. It was an existing structure with fine acoustics, and only the A/V needed to be revamped.”

To accomplish its task, the integrator contacted Tannoy and Lab.gruppen to specify a system for the project. Malik said: “It was extremely important we proposed the best and delivered when it came to their expectations and requirements. We carried out an initial site survey with them, and they put together a solution which included Tannoy speakers and Lab.gruppen amplifiers. Furthermore, we did some EASE simulations and presented our solution to the school management. Fortunately, they decided to go with what we were proposing, and finally we bagged the project and installed the complete system within a week." 

The auditorium is used for a range of multi-purpose activities which include lectures and dramas. In addition the space is used with different seating configurations. These factors had to be taken into account when selecting the audio products.

The system comprises of a left and right cluster, each comprising two Tannoy VX15HP dual concentric loudspeakers and a VSX18DR 18-inch subwoofer. Front-fill is provided by four Tannoy VX8 dual concentric speakers, with two VX12s used for the balcony area and two further VX12s used as stage monitors. The system is driven by a combination of Lab.gruppen C48:4, C16:4, C28:4 and IPD1200 amplifiers, and system control is via two Tannoy VNET SC1 digital system controllers.

A control room, supplied by AV Science and Technologies with a Soundcraft XL7ii 32-channel mixer and a Lexicon MX300 effects processor, has also been installed with two Tannoy DVS 4t speakers powered by a Lab.gruppen E4:2 amplifier. Two further DVS 4ts have been installed into a green room.

The company also provided beyerdynamic Opus 669 and Opus 654 handheld and lapel/headworn radio mic systems, plus a selection of beyerdynamic wired microphones. Video equipment including a Christie DWU600-G projector, Extron switchers, transmitters, receivers and distribution units and Kramer VGA with audio and HDMI plate was also supplied by AV Science and Technologies.

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