Takram innovates collaboration solution

Takram innovates collaboration solution
Intuitive and effortless collaboration is a feature that the professional AV industry has been trying to perfect. Tokyo-based design firm Takram has presented an idea that might enable interactive digital tables and other surfaces by using special paper.

Called “On the Fly Paper” and developed last year for Intel’s Collaboration Centre in Japan, the solution used an infrared sensor and specially formatted pieces of paper to manipulate a projected computer display.

In essence, the paper serves as the input device. When it is placed on a surface, such as a table, the projected image changes. Objects can be moved around by moving the paper and covering physical holes. The technology impresses with its quick response to user input. With the projected image and paper being able to be placed anywhere desired, it is not hard to imagine usage of the technology in corporate and creative environments.

Intel unveiled On the Fly Paper to the public by bringing it to its Taipei concept store at the Syntrend tech mall. Previously only Intel engineers and guests at the Collaboration Centre in Japan were able to experience the technology. Takram developed five special cards for the demo. These included one that displayed photos, another that played movies and one that allowed interaction with the periodic table.

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