Taiden unveils digital breakthrough

Taiden unveils digital breakthrough
On the eve of this year’s PALME China exhibition, Taiden once again hosted a new product conference and global distribution meeting. Some 500 attendees, including a selection of Chinese dealers, international distributors, government ministers and prominent engineers were treated to a display of new and existing product lead by the vice General Manager Ye Dongmao.

Significant recent announcements include Taidens TDIR03 digital infrared processing chip. This development integrates AD transforming circuits, digital coding / decoding circuits, digital modulation, filter and amplifier circuitry allowing digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies (dirATC) to be enabled.

The birth of dirATC technology has now given rise to both digital IR wireless conferencing and language distribution systems. The HCS-5300 IR wireless system is a first of its kind, coming with both uplink and downlink paths, whilst the HCS-5100 is a one-way broadcasting system.

Also announced at the conference was the appointment of Nicolas Mreches, former COO and founder of German conference equipment company Interkom. Mr Mreches was presented to Taiden’s dealers and distributors by General Manager Zhou Qingdong.

Mr Mreches will be primarily overseeing Taiden’s export sales and improving the global marketing of the brand, which will involve close working relationships with Taiden’s international distributors. “To be successful today, you need to have the best wired and wireless solutions in the market. Taiden have those. However, to be truly successful, you need to be in a position to cater for turnkey solutions, customise your products according to the application and respond quickly to the needs of customers. Taiden’s compliance with international standards and committed R&D quality means the future is bright for Taiden, so I am naturally proud to be part of this set-up,” he remarked.

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