Taiden responds to Media Vision sale

Taiden responds to Media Vision sale
Taiden has published a reponse to the recent Televic purchase of Media Vision, a long time Taiden distrubutor in Europe, saying "Taiden users in Europe and North America will benefit from direct support from the manufacturer."

Taiden, formed 26 years ago is to focus on the development and manufacturing of conference systems.

It was the first to launch the industry's first 64-channel fully digital conference system, originated the digital infrared wireless conference system, came up with the idea of paperless multimedia congress system, and has developed the hybrid conference system by incorporating the latest cloud video technology to enable multi-terminal, all-platform and cross-system interconnection of the local and remote meetings.

The statement read as follows; "Being user-centered is also one of the doctrines that Taiden upholds. It is always responsive to the customers’ needs and provides tailor-made solutions. The dedication and ingenuity deeply rooted in its spirit, makes Taiden widely recognised and chosen in the market. To name but a few, the prestigious organisations such as the United Nations, which is known for its highest possible standards for conference systems, chose Taiden to fully equip its New York headquarters for Taiden’s leading technology and responsive customisation. Some of the solutions that Taiden specially provided for the UN included the proprietary audio mixer tailored to conferencing applications, paperless multimedia system, electronic nameplates and a full-range conference management platform. Other reputable organizations, summits and conferences including the European Commission, the African Union, Group of Twenty (G20) Summit, BRICS Summit, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), World Internet Conference and the Olympic events have also placed their trust in Taiden equipment for the cutting-edge technology and user-centered design.

"The wide recognition of a brand like Taiden by so many landmark venues across the world cannot be divorced from a good sales channel. But more importantly, it owes to the core technology and responsive customisation from the manufacturer behind, fully meeting the users’ demands.  

"The partnership between Taiden and its former distributor Media Vision has ended following the acquisition of Media Vision by Televic. Taiden will reposition its market strategy accordingly for its European and North American territories."

Christy Fang, general manager of Taiden overseas sales department told Inavate; "Taiden and Media Vision had been cooperating over the years in some of the European and North American markets. And Media Vision has contributed greatly to part of Taiden’s presence in those regions. Before the acquisition by Televic, Media Vision had approached Taiden several times earlier with the same offer, but Taiden declined after prudent review on its bigger picture. Now that the partnership came to an end, we are pleased to inform our customers in Europe and North America that Taiden is currently strengthening its team in Europe and North America by staffing more veteran sales and technical members so as to directly support and provide service, ensuring more prompt response and better customer experience.

"In the meantime, Taiden will keep increasing its investment into research and development, insisting on dedication, ingenuity and user-centered strategy. Looking forward, Taiden will promote integration and open cooperation with other industries to transform from a manufacturer of conference systems into a one-stop solution provider of digital AV systems, building a win-win ecosystem with all the partners."