System Video in Ireland joins GPA

System Video in Ireland joins GPA
The GPA has achieved a long-term goal and strengthened its presence in Ireland with the introduction of System Video as the newest team to join the GPA global community.

Speaking to Inavate yesterday via Zoom, David Carroll, MD of System Video outlined the decision behind the company's membership; "One of the reasons that we've joined up with the GPA is that our clients are looking for us to help them more globally. The GPA has very similarly minded companies, so it's a good fit.

"We’ve come in kicking and screaming, we've brought RFPs in, we're bringing in business through the door, there was no time for sitting around our hands. We've really embraced it and acted on it because we've got global clients who need help globally."

What was the attraction of the GPA to System Video? "Because if we don't look after these clusters on a global basis they're going to find another company that will," says Carroll. "A lot of companies are looking for reach in expansion, it's not just territory anymore. They're looking for global partners. And if we didn't team up with GPA we couldn't be a global partner for them (clients), so it gives us a base to be a global partner with our existing clients."

Being able to share experiences with other GPA members has been an early bebefit to membership says Carroll; "The GPA is great because all the other CEOs I’m talking to have been around long enough. They're not short term view people, they are long term people. They recognise that the work in building a long term client is not by today's deal, it's about the deal in two years time."

“David and his leadership team have very much embraced not only the importance of a mature and evolved global delivery model for their own business future and success, but the foundations of trust and shared knowledge and innovation that unite us as ‘One GPA’ globally.” notes Byron Tarry, MD of GPA. “It is these selfless foundations that have powered GPA’s growth and success over the last decade, indeed what someone recently suggested is GPA’s unfair advantage.”

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