Sunny Ocean boasts 84” of 3D, no glasses

Sunny Ocean Studios will show off its 84” glasses-free 3D screen at the IFA show in Berlin next month. The impressive video wall was first glimpsed at the Singapore Youth Olympics where four displays wowed visitors with 3D content that could be viewed from several points within a room. The company says the product is particularly suited to large rooms and public squares.

The company claims that the Youth Olympic Games, August 14 to 26, was the first time a video wall of this size has shown 3D content without the need for glasses. Sunny Ocean Studios showed material it had devised itself in prominent locations in Singapore.

Its 3D video walls are based on four synchronised monitors and work with 30 views technology (one image is taken from 30 different perspectives). For the Olympic Youth Games, Sunny Ocean has converted conventional 3D films in house into 3D video material that does not need additional aids such as glasses.

A large 3D wall was created in conjunction with the engineering school at IDC Asia / Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. Armin Grasnick, founder and managing director at Sunny Ocean Studios says: “The 3D wall has a diagonal of 3.5 metres and works on the basis of commercially available monitors with 25 frames per seconds (fps).”

Grasnick is currently expanding his international network of partners and says the first international sales and distribution partnerships will be agreed at IFA in Berlin, September 3 to 8.