Stephen Heppell to return for Bett 2014 show

Stephen Heppell to return for Bett 2014 show
Europe's largest learning technology event Bett 2014 is to welcome Professor Stephen Heppell of back to uncover the potential of Big Data and visualisation in learning.

Professor Heppell’s work in schools across the world ensures that this area of the show gives educators a fresh view of what is possible in education. As Big Data continues to transform everything in our lives from health to meteorology, it offers schools and students new opportunities to make learning more effective; in association with European Electronique this will be the focus for Bett 2014.

Live on stand, school children from Chimneys Primary School in Essex, UK and the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) in Dorset, UK will be joined by peers from Denmark and Spain. Together, they will explore and statistically analyse data live at the show to discover their own methods for effective learning.

Alongside this, the Key Stage 2 and 3 students will get the chance to demonstrate their creative sides through the latest technology. Over the course of the four days, the students will use a range of technologies including the Raspberry Pis, powered robot ‘PiBot’ and LED strip lights in a creative way. These activities will help confirm to visitors that Big Data need not be viewed as overwhelming or intrusive, but can instead be informative and empowering to the learning process.

Manufacturer European Electronique will be on hand with a series of presentations and workshops to help visitors understand how the effective management of Big Data can be assured through its cloud system for education, Freedom. Successfully gathering, processing, managing and benefitting from Big Data requires a strong, flexible IT infrastructure. By putting the power directly into the hands of individual users, 1:1 learning schemes and personalised learning plans can be more easily fulfilled.

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