State of cinema

State of cinema
Catching a movie at the cinema is one of Asia Pacific’s favourite pastimes. Hurrairah bin Sohail takes a look at how the audio and visual technology, as well as the market, is developing.

Movies are big business in Asia Pacific. Increased demand for films from countries like China has made the APAC region an important market globally. Asia Pacific also has its own thriving film industries in countries like India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan to name a few. This makes the cinema sector an extremely interesting and attractive sector for the AV industry.

Goldenduck Group is a cinema integrator in the APAC region. Partnered with NEC it provides sales and system integration services to cinemas in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. Ian Riches, director for Goldenduck International Malaysia, says regarding South-East Asia’s fondness for cinema: “The cinema sector continues to grow in all the South-East Asian territories Goldenduck operates in. In Malaysia for example the cinema box of?ce has tripled over the last eight years and continues to increase as cinema exhibitors add more screens. It is a similar story in Vietnam and the Philippines, WHILST Myanmar and Cambodia and just getting started.” Other integrators and end-users in Asia Paci?c also report growth.

Clara Cheo, CEO of Golden Village Multiplex, states that Golden Village (GV) has recently increased its screen count from 89 to 92 to meet the increasing number of cinema-goers in Singapore.

Danson Foo, managing director for Eugenetek Corporation in Malaysia, says: “Currently Malaysia has 800 screens and most of these screens are located in prime sites in major cities. The next phase for cinemas will be to expand to smaller towns. I foresee at least 500 more screens coming up in the next five years for the population of Malaysia which stood at over 30 million in 2014.”

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