Startup raises $5.4m to develop holographic imaging cameras

Startup raises $5.4m to develop holographic imaging cameras
PxE Holographic Imaging, a developer of holographic imaging cameras, has raised $5.4 million seed funding by KDT, the venture investment arm of the science and technology company Merck.

PxE’s holographic imaging technology makes it possible to acquire a high-resolution colour image combined with an infrared image and a pixel-level depth map in a single snapshot that has 3x the light sensitivity of a standard camera.

In contrast to other 3D imaging products, PxE’s passive, white-light holography approach delivers accurate depth data at distances ranging from micromoles to hundreds of metres. The camera is based on a single, standard CMOS image sensor combined with a layer of holographic optics.

The captured holograms are decoded in real time by PxE's proprietary, fully deterministic algorithm that has a computational footprint similar to a standard camera ISP.

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