’s latest symbol collection speeds up new symbol requests’s latest symbol collection speeds up new symbol requests has added a collection of symbols called ‘Categorised Symbols’ to its line-art symbol resource for pro AV.

The library contains more than 100,000 product symbols from 944 manufacturers and the new collection is designed to help symbol requests be fulfilled more quickly and to a higher standard than before.

Rob Robinson, CEO of, said: “Those who are familiar with our library will know that symbols are generated on request from subscribers using an online request service. From there we source the data to produce the Block Schematic symbols showing technically accurate signal inputs and outputs for customers to design their systems with ease. We also produce high detail drawings to show how products actually look from the front and the rear.

“However, sometimes the data for those high detail front and rear views just isn’t available, so rather than hold up publication of the requested symbol, we would put in a low-detail, placeholder view – essentially just an outline and a bit of text to identify the product – which would serve for Rack Layouts and Pictorial Schematics without holding up the technically accurate Block Schematic symbol.”

“I’m delighted to say that we have now improved that process considerably by creating a whole new library of generic symbols that we call ‘Categorised Symbols.’ For example, when we receive a request for, say, a 2-channel amplifier or a medium-format projector, we now have a graphically representative drawing – in the case of rack-mount products, they are also dimensionally accurate – that clearly looks like the product in question. We’ve been working on this since February and now have over 300 Categorized Symbols and the repository is growing every day. As a result, should the data for the high-detail Front and Rear views not be available, we can still publish symbols quickly – even more quickly, in fact - and to a higher standard than ever before.”

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