ST Engineering Antycip brings 360 degrees views at Ship Simulation Centre

ST Engineering Antycip brings 360 degrees views at Ship Simulation Centre
Pilot training at the Ship Simulation Centre at HR Wallingford, UK, has been enhanced with a new Barco-based projection system, bringing a 360 degrees experience for trainees.

Antycip were tasked with improving the image quality and object recognition of Charlie and Oscar’s simulator display system, with the aim of providing longevity of the hardware. To accomplish this, the existing lamp-based units were replaced with 

Two Barco 4K seven-projector arrays were installed by ST Engineering Antycip, upgrading the visual display systems of the Charlie and Oscar 360 degrees view ship bridge simulators. 

Antycip identified the projectors and screen calibration systems to provide a seamless, high-resolution image while also integrating with HR Wallingford’s existing visualisation software. 

Seven Barco F90 projectors were used per array, alongside an automatic calibration system from Vioso, digitally correcting the light paths to create a continuous 360 degrees image and improve the uniformity of the display images. 

The Barco projection hardware is equipped with 90 degrees elbow lens optics, designed to address the requisite image size operating beneath the elevated bridge platform structure of the ship simulators. 

Dr James Clarke, technical director, ships and dredging group, HR Wallingford, commented: “We are really pleased with the improved image quality, and customers have commented on the significant improvements for both day and night-time simulations, along with the increased field of view provided by the Barco projector systems,”

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