SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and BCS Audio to become Solotech UK group

SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and BCS Audio to become Solotech UK group
SSE Audio Group and its parent company Solotech have announced a new UK organisational structure aligned with Solotech’s global structure. As of January 1 2020, SSE Audio, Wigwam, Capital Sound and BCS Audio will be collectively known as the Solotech UK group under the new joint leadership of MDs Alex Penn and Spencer Beard.

Alex Penn, SSE Audio’s former Sales Director, will lead the Sales and Systems Integration (Sales and Installations), operations of Solotech UK, while Spencer Beard, formerly MD of Manchester-based Wigwam, will lead the Live Productions (Hire) operations of the UK group.  The move will see both Penn and Beard integrated into Solotech’s global senior management team.

After 43 years leading SSE Audio, founder John Penn, remains within the new Solotech UK structure as strategic advisor, helping to deliver Solotech’s global and local vision.

John Penn commented: “After all these years steering the SSE ship, the time has come for me to reduce my day to day role in the active management of the business. With this new role I can help the group to take the next steps in its development and I’m really pleased that Spencer and Alex are taking on the leadership of our ever-expanding Solotech UK group.”

A number of additional appointments have been made to strengthen the leadership team on a national basis, including a UK Group sales manager, a UK Group integration manager, a UK Group operations manager and a business development manager.

The Solotech UK group will enable greater support to each of the UK brands, at a global level as fully integrated in the Solotech structure, at the national level by sharing resources and services between the UK brands and at the local level by working closely with clients.

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