Spudnik / Prysm break cover with new display technology

Start-up company Spudnik, which has been in existence since 2005, has broken cover with its new LPD (Laser Phosphor Display) technology.

Whilst there is little technical detail available at the moment on the product, it’s hard not to draw some comparisons with Christie’s MicroTiles on the basis of the marketing material that Prysm has put out so far.

The company’s website: www.prysm.com describes its displays as Ecovative, Long Lasting, Freeform and Brilliant. The last three are fairly self explanatory, but the first is meant to imply innovation and eco-friendliness. However, you know how we here at InAVate feel about made-up words(!!)

Whatever the case, I’m hoping for a bit more technical depth over the next week or so, and you can guarantee that at ISE I’ll be getting a closer look.