Soundcraft adds affordable mixer

AUTHOR: Inavate

Harman’s Soundcraft has introduced the Si Impact digital mixing console, which is intended to be an affordable mixer offering. The product is designed to functional as an analogue mixer with work enhancements and DSP capabilities.

The 40-input Soundcraft Si Impact is capable of live sound digital mixing with ViSi iPad control and built-in Stagebox connectivity for I/O expansion. In addition to its live sound components, the Si Impact has a 32-in/32-out USB recording and playback interface that provides multitrack recording and playback directly from a DAW.

The Si Impact also provides 32 mic/line inputs, 40 DSP input channels (32 mono inputs and four stereo channels/returns) and 31 output busses (all with full DSP processing and GEQ) with 20 sub-groiup aux busses and four mono/stereo matrix busses. Eight XLR/quarter-inch combi-jacks are available for line inputs and instruments, while a 4-band fully parametric EQ is available for each channel and bus.