Sony takes LED down a size

Sony takes LED down a size
Sony is marketing a true LED display with its 55” full HD prototype unit. The Crystal LED Display uses approximately six million LEDs to produce a high definition image. The RGB LED light source is mounted directly on to the front of the display to improve light efficiency. The company also claims that the technology is well suited to large screen sizes.

The company’s 55" prototype was exhibited at CES and is being targeted at professional and consumer applications,

Sony has listed the specifications of its prototype as:

Panel size: 55-inch
Number of pixels: 1,920 x 1,080 x RGB (Full HD: uses approx. 2 million each of RGB LEDs,
a total of around 6 million LEDs)
Display elements: RGB LEDs
Brightness: Approximately 400 cd/m2
Viewing angle: Approximately 180 degrees
Contrast (dark environment): More than measurable limit values
Color gamut: More than 100% compared to NTSC (xy)
Power consumption (panel module): Under approximately 70W*2