Sony rolls up at SID week

Sony rolls up at SID week
Sony has unveiled an OLED display that can be repeatedly wrapped around a pencil and still produce moving images. The electronics giant revealed its Organic Thin-Film Transistor (OTFT) driven display at the Society for Information Display’s event held last week in Seattle, USA. Sony claims the 80 micrometre thick display has shown no degradation after being rolled and stretched 1,000 times.

Development of flexible organic displays is a priority for Sony, which says it expects the application of its research to yield thin, lightweight, durable and mobile devices.

In order to enhance flexibility of the display, Sony has developed organic insulators for all the insulators in the OTFT and OLED integration circuit. These organic insulators can be formed with the solution process in the atmosphere which is requires fewer steps, and consumes materials and energy more efficiently - thus has a smaller environmental footprint - compared to the conventional high temperature vacuum semiconductor process which use inorganic/silicon materials.

The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition brings together scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and users in the electronic-display industry. This year it was held from May 23 – May 28, 2010 at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, USA.

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