Sony ramps up AR concept

Sony ramps up AR concept
Sony is pushing the boundaries of augmented reality with a system that places virtual objects in your physical environment. SmartAR integrated augmented reality captures visuals through a camera on a device such as a tablet or smartphone and displays additional information such as objects, images or text. The object captured by the camera is recognised and can be tracked along with the movement of the camera as it is displayed over the actual 3D space.

SmartAR uses ‘object recognition technology’, an established AR approach which does not require special markers. Sony has combined this with its proprietary 3D space recognition technology. Objects can be recognized and tracked at high-speed.

Sony explains that: “In addition to displaying virtual objects or additional images or text information the technology also facilitates the expression of AR information over an extended space, thus producing a dynamic, large-scale AR experience”.

Sony is continuing to develop the technology with its eyes on applications in advertising and gaming.

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