Sony leak sparks OLED rumours

A leaked document from Sony has sparked speculation that the company will soon unveil at least one new OLED model. According to reports the electronics manufacturer is likely to use CES 2010 as a platform for the new TV that is designed to support its existing 11” XEL-1 model. The leaked document reportedly reveals Sony’s plans for 2010/2011 and mentions a product described as the KDL-ZX Series OLED.

Sony will have to release new OLED models if it is to continue to compete with LG. Although Sony released the first OLED TV, LG has since unveiled a 15" OLED model and says it will have a 20" model ready for 2010. So far there is no details as to the size, or sizes, incorporated in the new series. However, rumours are circulating that the company will use a recently previewed 21" OLED panel, putting it firmly back in the OLED TV game.

According to technology website, Endgadget the leaked document also revealed updates to Sony’s XBR series. It reported: "the XBR11 LED W-backlit LCD and XBR12 Advanced LED RGB-backlit LCD sets [are] coming in sizes from 32- to 60-inches featuring 240Hz Motionflow, a new Bravia Engine 3 PRO with HD Video processor, and UV2A panel technology."