Sonosphere announces Ambisonics Workflow training dates

Sonosphere announces Ambisonics Workflow training dates
Sonosphere has announced two new courses taking place on 4 February to 21 April in Marlow and Knowsley, UK, providing attendees with demonstrations and practical sessions of Ambionsics Workflow.

The Ambisonics Workflow training will provide practical training and understanding of immersive content production from capture up to delivery. 

Each training day will include an introduction to Ambisonics Workflow and a thorough overview of the hardware used in capturing.

A practical location recording session will then be held with a discussion around Ambisonics essentials. 

The second half of the day will focus on 'spatialisation' and mixing workflow, with a practical session on 360 post production being held. 

Finally, groups of attendees will be demonstrated Ambisonics Advanced, ending the day with a practical session focused on mastering and uploading. 

Participants will also receive a certificate confirming their understanding and ability of applying Ambisonics Workflow principles, with a 50% discount offer being made available on the Dear VR ambisonics bundle containing dearVR Pro, dearVR Spatial connect and dearVR Ambi Micro for attendees who complete the day's training. 

The courses will take place on 4 February and 21 April 2020 in Marlow and Knowsley, UK, respectively.