SMS supports virtual autopsy table

SMS Smart Media Solutions has provided brackets for a virtual autopsy table developed by Sectra. The product allows doctors and police investigators to use touch gestures to internally explore a human body without making incisions.

“Our contribution to the Sectra visualisation table is the frame and support for the product,” explained Richard Svahn, product and project manager at SMS. “It is fundamentally an adaptation of the SMS VeriTable, a product that can be transformed from an interactive board to an interactive desk by the press of a button.

“This is an excellent example of interaction. In addition to the advantages of the Sectra product when preparing, for example, a surgical team, determining the cause of death or visualisation during education, it creates a work surface at which five to six people from different disciplines can contribute their perspectives.”

A corpse is scanned in a computer tomograph and each image shows a section through the body. A three dimensional image can be reconstructed by adding together a large number of sections, and Sectra’s software can then be used to view this from a freely chosen viewpoint at any scale.