Sky’s the limit for outdoor advertising

Sky’s the limit for outdoor advertising
From the sides of buses, to giant billboards or even the backs of train tickets; advertising seems to pop up everywhere with no surface immune from transformation into a marketing space. And now, even the heavens aren’t safe, as an advanced laser system emerges from Japan, set to revolutionise advertising by creating 3D images in the sky.

The New Scientist reported that Burton of Kawasaki, Japan was investigating outdoor advertising uses for a laser system that creates an illusion of many constant points of light.

Burton says that most reported 3D displays draw pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilising the human binocular disparity. The company said these systems cause problems, including a limitation of the visual field and physiological displeasure due to the misidentification of virtual images.

To overcome these problems Burton said it tried to develop a “True 3D Display" which produces bright dot in the air so audience can see 3D images in true 3D space.

“Our display device uses the plasma emission phenomenon near the focal point of focused laser light,” the company said. “By controlling the position of the focal point in the x, y, and z axes, it displays real 3D images constructed by dot arrays in the air.”

The New Scientist reported that a practical device could be created by 2011 and said suggested applications included light displays that resembled fireworks and 3D TV.