Simple device overlays web info and apps on displays

A device that places content between the viewer and a display was debuted at CES this month by creators SeeSpace. InAiR Smart HDMI adapter displays web content in the user's field of vision without the need for a second display. It is designed to work with a range of displays including 2D, 3D and 4K units. Although currently targeted at consumers it’s easy to see that InAiR could have potential uses in collaboration, presentation and visitor attraction environments.

Today, there is no easy way to display [contextual graphics, information and social engagement] without the second screen,” said Nam Do, co-founder and CEO of SeeSpace. “We had to crack both the design and the technical challenges to deliver InAiR, a completely new kind of viewer interface.”

An InAiR app also turns mobile into a track pad type controllers. InAiR also supports gesture control through Kinect or Leap devices.

SeeSpace was founded by Nam Do, founder of neuro-technology pioneer Emotiv, and Dale Herigstad, four-time Emmy-award-winning designer and veteran creative director in television for 35 years. The founding team is joined by Jerry Gramaglia, president of eTrade, CMO at Pepsi and chairman at Acxiom; and Anne-Marie Roussel, former Microsoft and Sharp TV executive and Gartner VP.