SiliconCore granted two patents for Common Cathode LED technology

SiliconCore Technology has been issued with two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The two new U.S. patents, US 8963811 B2 and US 8963810 B2, both titled 'LED Display Systems', describe a Common Cathode LED system with coverage of all methods of control and access to Common Cathode LEDs and all common architectural elements used to build a display system using Common Cathode LEDs.

Eric Li, SiliconCore’s chairman and CEO said: "Over thelast five years, SiliconCore has continuously invested in innovation and through the patent system, we continue to create and protect the value oftechnology that has been developed by our world-class engineers. These patentawards allow us to maintain our technology lead in the industry and our ongoingfocus on R&D and innovation will continue to enhance our intellectualproperty portfolio."