Signs are good for co-operation

AUTHOR: Inavate

CoolSign and BrightSign have broadened options for digital signage customers by completing integration of BrightSign's low-cost, non-PC networked media players into the CoolSign network architecture.

Customers can now apply the management features of CoolSign's software platform to BrightSign's solid-state digital signage players.

The integration allows CoolSign to address market demand for media player solutions that can withstand the often harsh operating conditions presented by busy retail, hospitality, and other public venues, without the high costs of industrial-class solid state PCs.

”This solution delivers the best of both worlds,” says Lou Giacalone Jr., President and Founder of CoolSign. ”Our customers can tap into the low-cost and reliability of a set-top box-like device, but can also take full advantage of our sophisticated software suite and efficient user experience. This provides exciting new choices when designing networks.  We believe these types of appliances, with their lower TCO, will play a significant role in networks moving forward. ”

”With this integration, BrightSign brings the robust capabilities of our digital sign controllers to the advanced resources of CoolSign's network solution,” adds Jeff Hastings, BrightSign's CEO. ”BrightSign's compatibility with CoolSign networks offers an affordable entry point to users, while delivering a highly reliable solution with its non-PC platform.”

Via the BrightSign Bridge, the HD210 and HD1010 models can now connect into CoolSign networks, and can be controlled like any PC running CoolSign's player software.