Signage campaign opens virtual doors to Mercedes van

Signage campaign opens virtual doors to Mercedes van
Commuters on the Berlin U-Bahn (underground) can use their car keys to interact with digital displays. A recent Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign added radiowave sensors that recognise the signals from car keys and trigger certain actions on the projected displays at Friedrichstrasse station. The “Key to Viano” campaign allows commuters to open the doors to Mercedes’ new van, the Viano, to reveal different groups of people within.

WallDecaux Berlin installed twelve digital advertising displays at the underground station for the campaign that is designed to show how much room the Mercedes van has.

If a participant triggers "the chauffeur clip" they are escorted to a Mercedes Viano waiting outside the station to be escorted to their destination.

Lukas Lindemann Rosinski implemented the interactive campaign on Wall AG's digital advertising displays.

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