SIB Programme fleshed out

SIB Programme fleshed out
Organisers of the 21st SIB show, 5th-8th of April, have announced more detail about the programme of conferences and events that will take place during the week.

Among SIB's leading features, has always been demo areas for professional visitors for personally testing performance and possible uses of new product lines presented in the expo section. To highlight the great potential offered by the integration of the most advanced technologies and leading edge design, the expo is hosting the debut of Technology & Design: innovation places - A large exhibition, set up in Hall C5. A wide multi-sensorial space of 250 m2 for layout with a high visual impact and high-tech content.

The exhibition will feature four different environments: a trend-setting venue, a conference hall, a shop and a residential area dedicated to relaxation. In each of them there will be a combination of technology and design, in which the most advanced products in the lighting, audio and video fields will interact with indoor and outdoor spaces . Such as, for example, the "talking mirrors" and the particular application of colour therapy and aroma therapy in the Day Spa area; acoustic panels and modern systems for controlling lighting during the course of a day, and according to weather conditions, for retail areas; a conference room able to change into an exceptional scenic experience; using never before seen applications of LED, fibre optics and video displays.

A number of useful seminars will also be held. On Monday 7th April, an appointment with expert Marco Mocellin - on of the most sought-after consultants and system designers for audio/video networks - in depth coverage of Transporting digital audio: methods, protocols, equipment and interfaces. On Tuesday 8th April, the last appointment, is dedicated to Integrating systems and technologies: a system integrators' planning approach. A journey through a large recovery and architectural upgrade project.

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