SIB International cancelled, moved to 2011

AUTHOR: Inavate

The organisers of Italian trade fair SIB International have announced that the 2010 event, due to be held in April, has been cancelled. In a statement, which appears to blame poor economic conditions for the decision, general manager Piero Venturelli stated that the show would “face the critical international economic situation by investing in innovation.”

Organisers promised to spend the time before the 2011 event to create a new format for the show.

However, the decision seems surprising given the recent positive impressions given by those in the Italian integration industry in the last three or four months. Those closely involved in the market have suggested that the show’s problems arise more from a failure to address the changing shape of the market than any particular economic problems.

Despite the organiser’s protestations to the contrary, it has been repeatedly complained that SIB is still catering far too much for the live sound and events markets rather than the stronger integration and AV markets.