SIB Forum begins in Rimini, Italy

SIB Forum begins in Rimini, Italy
Taking place at the Rimini Fiera until Saturday 20th October is the first edition of the seminar event for professionals involved in show business, installation and system integration.

Words like energy saving, automation and integration are heard with increasing frequency in day-to-day language and concepts such as “intelligent technology” and “multimedia” are familiar to a large part of the population. End users show they are increasingly willing to integrate new technologies in their homes and companies, but are the professionals who should make these changes concrete realities, effectively able to be the mouthpieces of this new culture of living? Replies are to be found at the first edition of SIB FORUM, the seminar event addressing all professionals involved in show business, installation and system integration, was opened at Rimini Fiera and continues until Saturday 20th October.

The SIB FORUM 2007 ribbon was cut by Rimini’s Prefect, Domenico Mannino. He said, “An important new initiative for the updating of numerous categories which, by means of increasing knowledge and professional culture, can lead to the improvement of the quality of life for everybody, even in terms of safety and security.”

SIB FORUM is an annual event, held in a complementary but completely independent manner from the biennial SIB International Exhibition of Show, Installation and Broadcast Technology, being staged in April 2008 at Rimini Fiera.

Rimini Fiera Chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni said, “This is a highly dynamic sector, which Rimini Fiera intends to increasingly accompany and guide towards new goals and this is why SIB some time ago reset its focus on installation and now also on in the broadcast industry, lighting the way – in all senses – to the future. Taking a direction that heads straight down the road to innovation.”

Vincenzo Ametrano, editor of Connessioni magazine, clarified, “A key element at SIB FORUM seminars is the relationship between technology and the changes it makes to peoples’ lives, passing through the professional figures that represent the fulcrum of each project.”

At the launch of SIB FORUM, there were Italy’s and the world’s most important professional AV and installation organizations.

Dan Goldstein, spokesman of InfoComm International and ISE, the key international bodies for AV Communication and ICT trade members, stated, “Technologies designed and manufactured for use in evening entertainment are evolving, becoming indispensable for day-time applications too. There are many similarities between InfoComm and ISE - whose mission is the diffusion of culture - and SIB, which has always been a standard-bearer of Italian entertainment design and technology. This edition of SIB FORUM will be the first of a long series of successes.”

Giovanni Lezzi, manager of the System and Construction sector of Confartigianato Rimini: “Living up to one of the primary tasks of an association such as ours, in other words understanding the requirements of industry and trade members and proposing valid updating procedure, we welcome extremely favourably the launch of SIB FORUM which has among its undisputed strong points the meeting of system specialists and installers with world-famous experts, favouring the growth of the entire category of small industries and artisans.”

According to the Manager of Emilia Romagna’s CNA Installations and Systems, Moreno Barbani, “For companies, the ability to handle innovation assumes further importance and becomes a discriminating factor not only as far as competitiveness is concerned, but also for their very existence. Since procedure for the revision of the national legislation on the issue of technological systems is at the conclusive stage, it should be noted that the regulations governing the sector are not up to the task of handling its complexity and, in a certain sense, obstacle its development. It is to be hoped that the technological innovation process in Italy is soon able to also find adequate support at legislative level and that the success of SIB Forum can contribute to achieving this result.”

Paolo Palombi, chairman of the AGS (Association for global security): “The creation of a forum covering the issue of installation and system integration is an important event for our market, because it finally creates a place for networking in which it is possible to share information and pick out the roads to professional awareness and growth. SIB Forum is a fundamental turning point in our trade and we are pleased to have met an organization that is sensitive to the problems and evolution of a market on which technology is also a means for protecting the public.”

“The IMCCA is delighted to be included as a sponsor of the SIB Forum and strongly believes in this event's mandate to provide an opportunity to showcase and discuss technological advances that drive our industry forward, concluded Carol Zelkin, Executive Director of the Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance, a non-profit industry association resolved to strengthen and grow the overall conferencing and collaboration market by providing impartial information and education about people-to-people communication and collaboration technology and applications. “We anticipate it will grow to become one of the foremost exhibits and conferences in the European market.”

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