Shure raid tackles counterfeiters

Shure raid tackles counterfeiters
Shure Incorporated says it has struck a blow against counterfeiters after it was revealed the company had conducted raids in Shanghai.

The raids were a result of a Shure initiated investigation by officials of the Baoshan Office of the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC). Wholesale stores and warehouses of Han Si Appliance Co and Run Zheng Digital, in the Zhabei District of Shangai, were searched.

Anita Man, managing director of Shure Asia, said: “Counterfeiters are constantly working to duplicate the Shure logo and other product markings as well as the general appearance of the products.

“Due to the popularity and reputation of the Shure brand, they know that consumers are interested in an item that bears the Shure name.”

In the two raids, large quantities of counterfeit Shure E2c and E4c earphones were seized as well as counterfeit earphones of other brands, including Audio-Technica and JVC. These raids have been officially reported and published on the public website of the Shanghai AIC. The penalties to be imposed by the Shanghai AIC are still being determined.

Sandy LaMantia, president and CEO of Shure, said: “The Shure brand carries with it a promise of quality and performance. Counterfeit Shure products do not live up to that promise, and that damages the value of our brand. We are fiercely committed to working with international agencies and with other brands to fight the spread of counterfeit products and halt this kind of criminal activity.”

Man added: “Shure encourages customers to purchase our products only from authorised Shure dealers. Customers should be highly cautious of Shure products that are priced unreasonably low at retail outlets online.”

In addition to anti-counterfeiting actions in China, Shure has also been continuing forceful efforts in other parts of Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States to cease intellectual property violations.

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