Shure launches tech portal for technical information

Shure launches tech portal for technical information
Shure has debuted its tech portal to provide streamlined access for technical product information, an interactive technical resource library developed for systems integrators, dealers, audio engineers, service providers and consultants.

The portal provides direct access to complete product and technical information, document downloads and resources to support the specification, design, deployment and operation of Shure products. 

The Shure tech portal is a fully searchable online platform with a complete document library for each product, key specifications, global SKU and variant information, software and firmware downloads as well as imagery and FAQs. 

When new products are released, changed or upgraded ,the relevant information is available in the portal to be used for bids, training and support, with product categories and product lines categorised by microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, conferencing systems, DSPs and more. 

In addition to sales and technical resource downloads for new, current and discontinued Shure products, users can create their own customised documents and export information from the portal, alongside a product comparison tool, a software and firmware archive and a contact form with contact information for all Shure sales and support offices globally. 

The portal also supports the English language and a range of selected international languages, is accessible on mobile devices and iPads to support users in the field or at project sites. 

Additional features and tools will be added to provide additional functionality. 

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