Sharp claims world's thinnest LCD bezel – Video

AUTHOR: Inavate

Sharp Corporation has developed a new multi-screen display system that achieves the world’s thinnest System Frame Width of 6.5 mm, the company claims. This new display system will be introduced into the Japanese market in August of this year.

This multi-screen display system is built around the new PN-V601 60V-inch professional LCD monitor, which uses Sharp’s proprietary LCD technology to significantly reduce the width of the monitor’s bezel. The width of the bezels between neighbouring displays is a mere 6.5 mm, making the seams where individual LCD monitors join unobtrusive. This enables practical applications such as single large-screen video wall displays and creates new possibilities in presentation spaces not available using conventional approaches.

Sharp's new LED backlit PN-V601 60-inch LCD monitor features just a 2.4-mm bezel width on the right-side and bottom and 4.1-mm bezel along the left-side and top. The result is a 6.5mm display separation when inserted into a 5x6 matrix of 30 adjoining LCDs as demonstrated at the Sharp product launch.

The 5x6 wall was matched with a further 3x6 floor of the same displays for the purposes of the launch – see video.