Seoul bus shelters get Zytronic touch screens

Seoul bus shelters get Zytronic touch screens
Zytronic 46in Zybrid touch sensors have been installed at bus shelters in Seoul, South Korea. A total of 300 units of the projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology screens were provided by Zytronic’s South Korean partners, DTH Co. Ltd Sane Co. Ltd for integration into Bus Information Terminal (BIT) project.

BIT replaces existing non-interactive digital signage and offers Seoul’s commuters engaging, easy-to-access real time information about traffic, transit routes and local amenities, with the touch of a finger.

For this particular application, the PCT touch sensor, coupled with Zytronic’s single/dual touch ZXY100 controller, has been mounted behind and functions through an additional 8mm protection glass.

Sane Co. selected Zytronic’s PCT technology for the Bus Information Terminal project after examining other options, including Infrared (IR) touch sensing. The Zytronic solution was chosen for its reliability and durability, both of which are essential features for outdoor operations.

Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director at Zytronic, commented: “Working closely with our South Korean partners, DTH Co. Ltd. and Sane Co. Ltd., has given us a fantastic opportunity to put Zytronic’s proven, rugged, touch screen technology to widespread public use in the capital city of one of the world’s most dynamic economies.”

He continued: “The general public increasingly expects similar levels of interactivity from displays they encounter in everyday life, as they enjoy with their smartphones and tablets, and this is a perfect example of how Zytronic’s touch technology enables this to happen.”