Senseg haptic tech gets Time Magazine honour

Senseg haptic tech gets Time Magazine honour
A technology that uses electrostatic fields to let you feel what is on a screen was this year named within Time magazine’s top 50 innovations. Senseg - a company founded by experts in medical technology, acoustics and psychology – has developed the haptic technology, which has already been demonstrated in tablet devices. The system passes an ultra-low electrical current into an insulated driver to create a small attractive force to finger skin.

The company says it can modulate this attractive force to generate a variety of sensations, including textured surfaces, edges and vibrations.

Senseg technology will be more attractive to the professional AV industry than some other haptic technologies on the market as it can be used in large touchscreens without an increase in manufacturing complexity.

The solution is comprised of three core elements: the company’s proprietary Tixel technology that activates the touchscreen for electrostatic vibration, an electronics module and software to manage the effects.

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