Sennheiser reveals 2012 seminar dates

Sennheiser reveals 2012 seminar dates
Sennheiser UK will explore the latest developments in the UK radio spectrum situation when it stages three integrated systems seminars in May.

Events, which include exhibitions and demonstrations, will be held in Edinburgh, Warwickshire and Surrey on May 23, 29 and 31.

“The format of the seminars has proved popular over the past couple of years, so we be keeping the basis the same, but tailor the content to account for the constantly changing requirements of the industry,” said Ken Morrison, business area manager for Sennheiser UK.

“The accent is still firmly on providing information, education - and a little entertainment - for our integrated systems, AV and live sound colleagues in the industry.” 

Alan March, business development specialist at Sennheiser UK, will provide information on the latest UK radio spectrum situation. This will be supported by an overview on the company’s G3 GB wireless products from chief engineer Andy Lillywhite, and engineering and technical services manager Tim Sherratt.

Lauren Rogers from RH Consulting will talk about entertainment technology whilst Dave Wooster, sound reinforcement specialist, will explore sound in architecture, highlighting K-array’s range of solutions and perform a live sound demo.

“The days will also include a series of workshops,” says Morrison. “These will cover APart’s range of products, look at Sennheiser’s Tour Guide system in action, RANE’s HAL DSP architecture – a system that provides an easy solution to complex networking tasks – and Sennheiser and Neumann’s range of digital microphones.”

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