Sennheiser re-aligns divisions

Sennheiser re-aligns divisions
Audio specialist Sennheiser electronic will be reorganised to more closely align to its strategic objectives.

Audio specialist Sennheiser electronic will be reorganised to more closely align to its strategic objectives. As part of a project reviewing the organisational structure, three independent business divisions will be created to provide optimal coverage within the Consumer Electronics, Professional Systems and Installed Sound markets. “By taking these steps, we’re further implementing the clear customer focus outlined in our corporate strategy and carving out a path that will lead us successfully into the future,” explains Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“Since its inception 65 years ago Sennheiser has been growing strongly,” adds Volker Bartels, Speaker for the Executive Team. “We have a very large portfolio of products and services and the centralised structure we currently operate means that we can’t always meet the requirements of our customers and markets with as much flexibility as we’d like. Implementing independent business divisions will enable us to take decisions more quickly and in a more focused way, to meet the very different requirements our customers and markets have in these three areas.”

Sennheiser’s headphone business will be concentrated in the Consumer Electronics division, along with audiology and telecommunications products. The Professional Systems sector will comprise live music, professional audio, studio and professional headsets for example, while the Installed Sound division will deal with installed audio systems.

The three business groups will cover their different business areas along their value chains with their own specific strategies and resources, allowing them to meet the varying requirements quickly and comprehensively. “Smaller, focused divisions like this will give us maximum flexibility and the ability to take action quickly in line with market demands,” says Volker Bartels.

Throughout the year a Sennheiser project team will be continuing to work on the new corporate structure and will be allocating Sennheiser products to the business division most closely aligned with their target groups. The resulting restructure is due to be presented to the company’s Supervisory Board by the end of 2010, with implementation set to take place in 2011.

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