Sennheiser hosts ’˜Sound Academy’ training event

Sennheiser hosts ’˜Sound Academy’ training event
Sennheiser announced that its latest edition of ‘Sound Academy’ training took place in Dubai, UAE, providing an understanding of the ‘audio for business’ segment.

Working with UAE-based distributor, Venuetech, the sessions were conducted by Fadi Costantine, technical sales manager, Sennheiser Middle East, highlighting changes to digitised interactions in the workplace. 

Costantine commented: “One of the most significant changes in the modern working environment is a shift from a face-to-face communication to digital channels, which is placing greater emphasis on the efficiency and quality of these digitised interactions. Managed poorly, this transition can prove frustrating, but when executed well, we find that many people come to prefer digital meetings.

“This presents a significant opportunity for systems integrators that are capable of delivering the solutions that overcome these challenges and make seamless and intuitive digital engagements possible,”

The training event focused on Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine Digital Wireless ranges which are designed for the audio needs of meetings and conferences in varied space sizes. 

During the training event, Costantine instructed attendees on the proper implementation of the TeamConnect Ceiling 2, showing how the system can be installed discretely in ceiling environments, highlighting how the system can be connected to a Dante audio network, powered by PoE and monitored centrally by an IT department. 

Costantine also demonstrated the scalability and audio clarity of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system which can be configured for small room setups or campus-wide installations. 

Several practical training sessions were held, with attendees being presented with certificated to recongise proficiency with the implementation of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems.