Sennheiser hosts 3D and wireless audio seminars at Royal Opera House Muscat

Sennheiser hosts 3D and wireless audio seminars at Royal Opera House Muscat
Sennheiser hosted a three-day event centered around 3D and wireless audio seminars at the Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman, which saw rental companies, broadcasters, AV consultants and audio engineers attend.

The first day of the event focused on educating attendees on the nuances of RF theory alongside the do’s and don’ts of wireless technology.

Following the first session on 3D audio theory and specific microphones and equipment, Sennheiser’s team explored 3D audio capture, with a live Omani band being featured in the demonstration.

The third session focused on mixing of immersive audio formatswith content being upmixed using Sennheiser’s algorithm, with the event concluding with the playback of content created during the event.

Ryan Burr, head of technical sales and application engineering, professional audio, Sennheiser Middle East said: “Today, we have all the tools required for breath-taking immersive audio recordings and mixing, and with the advance of Virtual Reality (VR), 3D audio has become, for the first time, a must-have for an application. The interest and appetite for 3D audio in the region is evidenced by the impressive number of attendees.

“With our workshop, we aimed to turn this interest into action which is why the larger portion of it was dedicated to hands-on sessions and walkthroughs of practical applications. We have no doubt that we will soon start to see the technology expand from being a niche domain, to an established and preferred audio standard with the power to deliver unforgettable experiences for listeners and audiences”

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