Sennheiser helps Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra go digital

Sennheiser helps Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra go digital

The Seoul Philharmonic has established a reputation as being the best in Asia over the course of the last 70 years. To help maintain the orchestra’s high standards of quality, their recording studio has now been fitted with 56 channels of Sennheiser and Neumann digital microphones.

The microphone equipment includes 44 digital small-diaphragm condensers from Sennheiser’s MKH 8000 studio range plus four Neumann TLM 19 large-diaphragm condensers. All microphones are digitized directly behind the microphone head with the help of Sennheiser MZD 8000 digital modules and powered as well as controlled via Neumann DMI 8 digital interfaces.

The MKH 8000 microphones include 24 cardioid models, six super-cardioids, four multi-pattern microphones and four MKH 800 TWINs with remotely adjustable pick-up patterns. The TWINs are used as main microphones due to their ability to have their pick-up pattern fine-tuned either on the mixing desk during recording or in post-production. The cardioids and super-cardioids are employed primarily as spot microphones and are selected based on the type of music being recorded.

Wolf-Dieter Karwatky, who is involved with the music recordings for the Seoul Philharmonic orchestra says: “This new digital microphone system provides us with more quality, flexibility and speed than any other existing system, and this applies both during the recording sessions and in post-production.”

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