Self-powered smart glove gives new level of gesture control

Scientists from Politecnico di Torino and MIT have created a self-powering glove with gesture control they believe is a huge breakthrough in replacing traditional methods of display/device control such as a joystick or a mouse. Called Goldfinger, it looks like a glove normally worn for skiing purposes, but includes all the electronic and mechanical components weaved into the fabric itself.

Goldfinger connects wirelessly to a computer and generates power from finger movements using piezoelectric transducers, which reduces weight and the need for power cables.

The sensors, switches, and wiring are built into the fabric of the glove, which makes it feel less like a control mechanism and more like a real glove.

Potential applications for the Goldfinger glove lie in the industrial, medical, and virtual reality fields, including factory planet management, as an ergonomic controller for robotic surgery, and simulations for staff training.