Screen burn-in is not a significant issue with OLED displays

Screen burn-in is not a significant issue with OLED displays
The issue of burn-in, when a visible mark is left on a display often caused by leaving a fixed image on the screen, which caused problems for CRT and plasma displays, is not a significant issue for OLED technology says a new report by publication RTINGS.

RTINGS conducted stess testing on three OLED gaming monitors. The tests involved running a 16:9 video feed of CNN on these ultrawide monitors at maximum brightness to see how the pixels reacted over time. After 700 hours of use there was some wear in that central area of the display as compared to the black bars on either side, but the RTINGS report indicates that even this amount of wear wasn’t actually noticeable in normal content.

In addition, switching to full-screen mode on the ultrawide panels reversed some of the damage done, proving that the damage wasn’t permanent.

The report concluded; "Component and general system failures seem to mainly affect higher-end models. This generally makes sense, as higher-end models typically get a lot brighter than budget models, putting a greater strain on components like the power supply. As for burn-in, well, unfortunately, it seems like burn-in is still an issue, but newer panels are clearly better than older generations, and it seems like most people shouldn't worry about it with varied content."


image: RTINGS

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