Sanyo goes one better

AUTHOR: Inavate

Sanyo has announced a new 4LCD projection technology, which it says will deliver improved brightness and colour accuracy. 4LCD, the company’s latest optical engine, adds a proprietary colour control device to the existing red, g reen and blue panels found in standard 3LCD projectors.

The first product based on this technology, the portable PLC-XP200L delivers 7000 lumens and a 2200:1 contrast ratio.

The colour control device allows the engine to automatically control the amount of yellow light in the image, producing higher luminosity and clarity, responding to the demand for brighter projectors in large venues.

Sanyo says that whilst 3LCD brightness continues to increase, it is mirrored with a corresponding reduction in colour reproduction accuracy. Colours become noticeably washed out. The new 4LCD engine, combined with a new, high-speed image compensating LSI allows for up to 20% more colour space than a conventional 3LCD engine.