Samsung's bid to target SMBs

Samsung hosted a signage solution showcase as it announced a new bid to target small businesses with simpler, more affordable technology. The event at London's ME Hotel also featured Samsung’s 95” LED screen for applications which is expected to start shipping in the third quarter of 2013.

Philip Gaut from Samsung said business was looking very healthy, with the company enjoying 44% growth in the first quarter of this year.

“New markets are emerging all the time and there is a strong growth potential in digital signage for SMBs,” Gaut explained.
“Digital signage used to be very complex but with our System on Chip (Soc) it is simple; the display comes with a processor, a hard disk and software all in one. As well as the simplicity, this saves between 40-50% power consumption over traditional digital signs.”

As well as focusing on smaller businesses, Samsung have assembled a Business Development Team to work with end users across different vertical markets. Such work with clients has, according to Gaut, has led to one example where a grocery chain saved around £250,000 in infrastructure costs by using a different type of display. It is also the first time Samsung had invested so much in end user activity, he said.

Several display solutions were on show with Samsung’s SMART Signage Platform (SSP) powered by SoC. Among them were the Allshare cast application which allows users to take content from tablet PC or phone and display it on a screen of their choice across a network.

SoC signage software allows users to create templates and upload content to their screens via USB memory stick or via a network and run signage individually or on a campus-wide platform.

Magic info videowall software was being used to display videowall content and run a 4k resolution from an input.

Several screens were showing the fruits of Samung’s partnership with Signagelive. The bundles enable digital signs using SoC technology to run full network driven signage solutions from a single point.